Brecon is a small market town of approximately nine thousand people, whose numbers are swelled by tourists and outdoor enthusiasts considerably during the year. As such, Brecon can satisfy most culinary tastes and offers a wide variety of drinking establishments.

At Flag and Castle House you will be provided with a great breakfast to set you up for the day; the standard cooked breakfast, a vegetarian or vegan alternative and choose from a selection of cereals, pastries and yogurts from the buffet.

In the evening, if you do not want to venture further than Brecon and you enjoy pub food then you can do no better than  The Clarence Inn, The George Hotel (Wetherspoon’s), The Wellington or the Markets Tavern.

If you are looking for a bar then choose from the Rorkes Drift in Wheat Street, The Bank in Bulwark (good food available here too) or The Brecon Tap (which also does great pies) in the Bulwark.

The Sarah Siddons on High Street Inferior is a more traditional public house.

The spicy palate is well catered for through a number of restaurants: Gurkha Corner serving a Nepalese menu, Zeera for Indian and Chang Thai.

We’ll supply you with a map of Brecon on your arrival showing the pubs and restaurants around the town.


Photo by Samuel Foster on Unsplash

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